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  • Magic corner baskets on a corner base.
  • Removable shelves and baskets.
  • Dustbins and detergent holders on a sink base unit, closed with doors.
  • Removable baskets on tall unit.
  • Detergent trolley for a sink base unit.
  • Internal baskets for corner base.
  • Internal drawers for removable base.
  • Removable trolley on a tall unit with baskets.
  • Removable trolley.


  • Led on structure .
  • Led on plate-rack suspended unit.


  • Vasistas with no hinges.
  • Drawer disassembly.
  • Groove profile to open a suspended unit without handles.
  • "Turbo" braking system for drawers and baskets.
  • Push-pull opening.
  • Drawer front removal.
  • Flap opening.
  • Vasistas opening .